Posted by Jeff Sell on May 20, 2018 
Nicely composed photo. I sure do like the way the Shay locomotives belch smoke!
Posted by Steve Larson on May 21, 2018 
As fine a Shay photograph as I've ever seen, Chase. PCA for the BEST shot I've seen this month.
Posted by Ryan Hardin on May 21, 2018 
Never been much of a steam fan but this makes me want more similar photos! Very nice !
Posted by Ryan Hardin on May 21, 2018 
There's something about the fresh green of spring contrasting with the belching smoke and grime of the train!
Posted by Diesel174 on May 26, 2018 
Posted by Marek G. [dj_drezyna] on May 27, 2018 
When only I saw this picture I just know that is your photo! Because I know the photo ID:615022. The same idea which meets perfection.
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