Posted by Jason Moyer on June 21, 2018 
I forgot how small 425 is when you compare it to 2102!
Posted by Bob Kise on June 21, 2018 
Nice view. A T1 doubleheader with a hooter and chime whistle would be the ultimate.
Posted by miningcamper on June 22, 2018 
2124 was my particular favorite, but 2102 and 2100 in steam will be just fine. A thousand thanks to the Reading official who decided to retain five T-1s!
Posted by Doug Lilly on June 22, 2018 
A live 2124 was before my time. I only saw 2102 1nd 2101, which will never run again, under steam. IIRC, 2124 had roller bearings.
Posted by bburtonpa on June 22, 2018 
@ MiningCamper...FIVE T-1s????
Posted by Joshua Clark on June 24, 2018 
Unfortunately, after the roundhouse fire in KY, I don't think we will ever see 2101 steam again either. It would be amazing to see 3 numerical units in a row together under steam. While I'll almost certainly never see 2101 under steam again, and even less likely to see her under steam again in Chessie yellow & orange, I'll take what I can get and can't wait to see 2102 returned to steam.
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