Posted by Frank Orona on July 8, 2018 
Wowza, an SD60M still working for CSX! That's something not seen as often these days.
Posted by FSWood on July 9, 2018 
Two things I'm wondering are what their track speed was and how many flashbacks this caused the crew. Looking at Google Maps, Columbia St., NY-9G, isn't exactly 8 lane interstate width at that crossing. Brightly painted ladders hung on track side of building to northwest, our left, of track behind locomotive here, 12 North 7th St, would make nice scenic detail on model railroad. Street View is August 2012 and barely visible here is eave or RR building in background across Long Alley and State Street; it too would make a nice model. That same red sign was in same place in Citgo mini Mart window back then. Let's see, gas was $2.15 for regular. (it says two-fourteen and nine tenths but you try paying for that without two-fifteen and see what happens, I'm not buying their mind game) Nice little park on there behind photographer's location. Also behind photographer the track does a few blocks of street running. All in all a most modelable setting.
Posted by Rugby Junction on July 9, 2018 
"Oh noez! My flip-flop got stuck!" :-P
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