Posted by Tom on August 22, 2018 
Nice, nice red color. If only this NS locomotive had taken some of its fellow Norfolk Southern engines in to surreptitiously be painted a bright color such as this.
Posted by showalterbj on August 23, 2018 
So glad to see they are still making spartan cab models!
Posted by John Whittingham on August 24, 2018 
An excellent picture - really eye-catching. Looking at the film of this train on Youtube, it can be clearly seen that these nine are 3304 3305 3308 3306 3303 3307 3301 3302 and 3309 in sequence. And the train is being powered by NS 9383. Does anyone know what the track gauge is in Cameroon?
Posted by Samuel Rockwell on August 24, 2018 
John Whittingham, in Cameroon, Africa the gauge is 1,104 km of 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 3⁄8 in).
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