Posted by Tom on September 1, 2018 
Very interesting photo and it is also intriguing to me, Bob. Does the lift bridge now stay up all the time ? The blue railroad bridge isn't going anywhere, I think. Sure has me curious.
Posted by Sid Vaught on September 1, 2018 
Great catch.
Posted by Bob Pickering (BP) on September 1, 2018 
Thank You! The lift bridge is up permanently as the road to Dodge Island was replaced with the higher bridge. The rail bridge fell into disuse I think in the 1990's or so. Then the FEC getting a TIGER grant along with the Port renovating for container ships reopened the line in 2015. The make 1-2 moves a day once in the early to mid afternoon and one more in the early evening.
Posted by Tom on September 1, 2018 
Thanks, Bob. I thought maybe I was missing something, but it makes sense now.
Posted by t white on September 1, 2018 
Tom, if you click in the map then click on satellite view, you will see the blue rail bridge is in the up position. It also give a great perspective on the port and Miami in general.
Posted by Tom on September 1, 2018 
Did the satellite view. Never thought the bridge would move. Thanks.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on September 4, 2018 
Nice shot, Bob! Surprised myself, that the blue bridge was movable.
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