Posted by Dave Landels on September 27, 2018 
WOW! Beautiful shot, beautiful looking city! Thanks for sharing.
Posted by draftingmonkey on September 28, 2018 
Nice picture - catches some of the character of old Rochester. Perfect angle to add character to your shot of Amtrak as it crosses over the river. Of interest to railfans the squat, red brick building on the right (west) edge of the picture was built in 1889-91 as the powerhouse for the Rochester Trolley Company to power their trolley cars. Known today as the Old Trolley Barn. The structure to the left (east) side of the falls is part of the old Brown's Race (1815). The race was a water diversion project built to supply water power to early mills along the river. While the mills are gone the Race still supplies water to an RG&E hydroelectric turbine.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on October 6, 2018 
Spectacular vantage point - one of the best, if not - the best - I've seen from here.
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