Posted by Joe Eckhardt on September 27, 2018 
Spoiled Californians. The trains were there long before they were. And you know they won't be the ones paying for it.
Posted by Peter G. Chase on September 27, 2018 
So if Mitch Goldman buys one of these, he might wind up regretting it, then.
Posted by draftingmonkey on September 28, 2018 
The missus and I have ridden that route from Orange County to San Diego many times. Much more fun and relaxing than fighting traffic. Put the train through a tunnel and lose enjoying a beautiful piece of California coast. I don't like it. Guess this is similar to folks who buy a house next to an airport and then complain about the noise.
Posted by xBNSFer on September 28, 2018 
I've got a better idea - they should just tear those houses all down, then there won't be anybody to complain about the noise.
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