Posted by George W. Hamlin on September 28, 2018 
Posted by henry elliott on September 28, 2018 
What a fantastic scene!
Posted by Tom Farence on September 28, 2018 
Beautiful photography Mike as usual...but the demise of the Milwaukee Road even after all these years evokes sadness and tears even after all these years........Tom.
Posted by SES on September 28, 2018 
One of the best images yet of this location. Hard to believe we are just shy of 40 years since the Milwaukee was forced out of the competition in the West. That's something I believe the original merger of the railroad running beneath the Milwaukee wanted very much.
Posted by MilwaukeeinMontana on October 2, 2018 
Awesome pic Mike. As close as any pic can do this area justice. Untouched by man for decades, and not easily accessible, Lombard is amazing. The abandoned car out of frame to the left is shown in video footage back to 1972. And there are still ties embedded in the Milw right of way to the left of the bridge. Andy
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