Posted by Kevin Madore on October 6, 2018 
Well, how about that. You and I were standing shoulder to shoulder and neither of us knew it.....LOL! My friend Austin was firing the 487 that day, and I was chasing with his mom.
Posted by Curious142 on October 6, 2018 
Please pardon me for being a nitpicker, but I believe that Chama is in New Mexico. My family and I rode the train from Antonito to Chama a long time ago (1980's I think).;
Posted by Doug Lilly on October 6, 2018 
Kevin, I am on the last evening of a ten-day trip to Colorado with my wife. I thought I may bump into you on the C&TS, since there was a photo freight, but didn't expect to see you at this location. I arrived just after the first two photographers, one of which was a tall guy with a bushy beard named Erik Lindgren, who I follow on Flickr and just met there. If you were shooting over the left shoulder of a 6'1", somewhat overweight guy in his late 50's standing to the left of Erik, that was me! Sorry we didn't get to introduce ourselves.
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