Posted by Mitch Goldman on October 10, 2018 
What's not to like? Great shot, Franceso! Very glad I opened the thumb full res!
Posted by Robert Jaworski on October 10, 2018 
With the town on the hill, and the line then going down to the beach this reminds me of San Clemente. Great shot of a nice beach i'd go to.
Posted by Tom Starr on October 11, 2018 
It looks like the person and the what catamaran ?... definitely does take front and Centerstage here over the train and the buildings.. However Thank You for posting.
Posted by Thomas Seiler on October 13, 2018 
This is an excellent overall capture! I'm sure the rail line "moves better" using tunnels, but it's a shame the scenic ride for the passengers is also a loss.
Posted by Francesco Virgillito on October 13, 2018 
I am fully convinced that they could leave the old line for local traffic, serving all the villages of the western Ligurian, and use the new route for freight services and international express trains.
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