Posted by FSWood on October 12, 2018 
Hood units wore that livery better than the Fs did. In my sense of esthetics the F-units need something fancier on the front than the hood units do. Remember painting a couple Athearn HO scale F7s in this back then, and pondering something to do different on the front. Life distracted me before I came up with a good idea. Also remember much discussion in person and in print about replicating that specific hue of grey. And then reference images like this don't help because of light level, light color, and what the things may be reflecting - notice how the grey on lead unit roof appears with a hint of green and trailing unit roof with a hint of blue; and how the grey on carbody sides appears to be a third hue because of lighting angle and what it is reflecting. Even railfanning at Collier Yard didn't help me settle on an "exact" hue of Seaboard System grey.
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