Posted by John Westfield on November 12, 2018 
Did this old EMD SD70M get a new nose? That cab certainly doesn't look new.
Posted by David Stewart on November 13, 2018 
The entire car body from the dynamic brake section forward is all new, this group is being rebuilt from the standard cab SD70 DC traction 2500 series. There's quite a bit of coverage on this group on sites dedicated to NS power. The cab/nose itself is a new design, it somewhat combines the newer design of the SD70ACe and the older EMD M series cabs together. They went back to the teardrop windshield configuration but with an isolated cab and beveled corners on the nose. Of course all of these features are specified by NS mechanical departments.
Posted by John Westfield on November 13, 2018 
Thanks David! I'm sad to see these old standard cabs go, but at least they are using the M-series cab.
Posted by alcorn on November 30, 2018 
Great picture
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