Posted by Joshua Clark on January 10, 2019 
I thought it had been decided the sign would stay after public outcry over its removal? Or is it another Solari sign I'm thinking of?
Posted by Ellis Simon on January 10, 2019 
Any idea what Bifber Tourways is, Emily?
Posted by Emily Moser / on January 10, 2019 
Bifber is a typo, should be Bieber. It is a thruway bus service that goes to/from Allentown.
Posted by Ellis Simon on January 10, 2019 
Didn't know about the Allentown bus. Thanks.
Posted by Robert Jordan on January 11, 2019 
Good to see you back.
Posted by Toby Schwartzman on January 11, 2019 
I read that the sign is headed to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania for exhibit. Great portrait here.
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