Posted by David Garon on January 25, 2019 
It is not a rumour. He has posted it for sale in a number of places, including Facebook. Apparently he is looking for about US100k, which is the scrap value.
Posted by Kelly Lynch on January 25, 2019 
It's been purchased.
Posted by mtnclimberjoe on January 25, 2019 
Thanks for the confirmation David.
Posted by Kevin Madore on January 25, 2019 
Interesting place to keep a steam engine. Hope it finds a good home. It appears to have been cared for to at least some degree.
Posted by Sid Vaught on January 25, 2019 
I hope it has been sold for preservation. This is one i’ve Never heard of before. It’s a pre-semi streamlined, pre-perforated dry pipe engine which is all the better aesthetically.
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