Posted by Jay railfotographia on January 29, 2019 
This is simply awesome
Posted by Kevin Madore on January 29, 2019 
Nice job! This had to be a tough shot to execute with so many variables (such as the snow plume) out of your control. Note to self: When stopping at a grade crossing in snow country, keep your distance from the tracks!
Posted by John Doughty on January 29, 2019 
PCA vote
Posted by Rich Brown on January 29, 2019 
WOW ! Gets my vote for PCA.
Posted by Roark Shallow on January 30, 2019 
I like the backlighting from the far side crossing flasher, nice effect! What was the temp?
Posted by Tom Campbell on January 30, 2019 
I wonder if the staff at Steve G's Music Connection analyze the chord and grade the pitch of air horns on passing trains?
Posted by Dale Roth on January 30, 2019 
Looks like cotton.
Posted by Robert Jordan on January 30, 2019 
Thanks everyone, temp was a balmy +5, -21 here now. There was some back lighting also, a big pickup pulled up to the crossing. Very quiet road, didn't want anyone on my side, but could have been interesting also.
Posted by Eugene Armer on February 11, 2019 
Brilliant shot and well deserved PCA!
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