Posted by Scott Cunningham on January 30, 2019 
That's a lovely riverside location to watch trains Bill.
Posted by Tom Farence on January 30, 2019 
I believe you've quoted the old CB&Q passenger train timetables with the smiles for 300 miles quote. When the Zephyr/Builder/North Coast Ltd. came over to us on the Milwaukee with the advent of the NRPC(Amtrak)there was definitely some language between the BN(old CB&Q)and the Milwaukee guys in the downtown pubs on third and fourth street Lacrosse!
Posted by Bill Edgar on January 31, 2019 
I can well imagine those conversations! I was able to ride the Morning Zephyr in the dome parlor observation from St. Paul to Chicago in May 1967. The perfect train, 2 Es, 7 cars, 5 of which were vista domes. I only left the front of the obs dome once, for lunch in the diner. We left 15 minutes late, arrived Chicago several minutes early. I smiled for 300 miles along the River. Also learned in that dome that GN was changing from orange to blue, a scary thought at the time.
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