Posted by Jean-Marc Frybourg on February 20, 2019 
Looks like something similar happened 5 years later in Doylestown
Posted by Kellhound on February 20, 2019 
Given the grill on the Dodge pickup, I would say this is the 1979 incident.
Posted by SES on February 20, 2019 
Somebody needs to Google images of 1974 Dodge truck and you will see the grille is exactly like the one on the upper level. My dad had a 1977 power wagon, and from my recollection, the grille was the same.
Posted by SES on February 20, 2019 
Another Google search shows the 1979 Dodge truck had double square headlights and the 1977 I mentioned had large turn signal lights next to the headlights. These headlights in the image are round. No a 1979.
Posted by Tom Farence on February 20, 2019 
You guys are right........this was train 261 the XL Special derailed between Doylestown and East Rio,WI. back in 1979 NOT 1974.....covered vehicle carrier with Milwaukee Road markings destined for the Kent,WA. unloading facility.......Thanks again guys for the correction......Tom.
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