Posted by Bill Wolf on February 26, 2019 
Quite a bit to see here! The executive F-units snow covered up top, the cab for 8941 looking sad on the ground, and a slug with zebra stripes on the plow. There's even former CEFX #120 (now NS #7332) with a primered cab hanging out in the line. Great shot!
Posted by Jeff Sell on February 26, 2019 
I agree...lots to see in this view. I like the trailer along side of the shops that is also adorned in the same paint scheme as the locomotives.
Posted by Jim Penn on February 26, 2019 
What/who is the red, black and yellow striped Geep? Hope they fix her and the owner keeps her running for years!
Posted by Steve Larson on February 26, 2019 
Fantastic photo, Joe. So much to be seen here. I wish I were there & in better weather. Altoona is now more than ever on my must visit location for railfanning.
Posted by M.J. Scanlon Photography on February 26, 2019 
Nice shot. Looks like that could be NS 1812 spray painted under the cab window.
Posted by John Westfield on February 28, 2019 
Is AVR 2007 a Geep from the movie Unstoppable? I'm pretty sure that's what that movie's railroad was called. Could be wrong.
Posted by Steve Larson on March 4, 2019 
John, I took a moment away from the computer to check my memory & two of my favorite movies: Unstoppable does NOT have the AVR # 2007 locomotive in it. Unstoppable has the AWVR with the W & V over lapping each other. Also the colors of said locos are Red, Yellow & Black, and are SD locos. The other favorite film in which you may have seen AVR # 2007 is: I AM NUMBER FOUR. Locos 2007 & 2008 pass by after one of the main characters, Henry, passes away.
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