Posted by Robert Jordan on March 7, 2019 
Thanks, I assume that is a crew grip and not your camera bags on switch stand.. Smile. I was inactive at that time and never shot from that little overpass until the old car shops were gone. I do remember there was a hog plant south of the shops in the early 90's now gone and for a while a remnant of the shops was the yard office.
Posted by joe on May 18, 2020 
I just love that continuous string of mostly pullman standard covered hoppers in ATSF. Many, many high side and lowside 4427's, which I think are some of the most iconic covered hoppers. Hoppers that truly started a rapid transformation of hauling from boxcars, to covered hoppers indefinitely. To me at least, covered hoppers are the most universal, and interesting cars on the rails, even to this day.
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