Posted by xBNSFer on March 11, 2019 
Surprised to see FB-2 type trucks on U23Bs, didn't think those appeared before the "Dash 7s."
Posted by Gene on March 11, 2019 
Chevy, Ford, Plymouth?
Posted by Randy Minter on March 11, 2019 
U23B's had FB-2, AAR "B" and Blombergs depending on the railroad. L&N, Southern, MoPac, and Western Pacific all had FB-2s. Such variety in the 1970's. It was a great time to be trackside, especially on the L&N.
Posted by Pete Greischar on March 11, 2019 
Third unit appears to be a U28B or an early U30B. Did you tell him to turn the headlights on? Anyway, great L&N pics. By the time i saw any units in L&N gray/yellow they were pretty sad looking.
Posted by David Harris on March 15, 2019 
Pete, I think you may be right about the trailing unit being an older GE. At some point in the past, the idea that it was three U23Bs apparently became frozen in my brain, and I stopped really looking at the evidence in the photo.
Posted by David Harris on March 15, 2019 
L&N's first U23B's (2700-2707) were former Monon 601-608 acquired in merger, and they had AAR Type B trucks. I guess L&N liked them, because they assembled a pretty big fleet of their own, although none of the later L&Ns had Type Bs. I think the ex-Monon units retained the Type Bs throughout their service on L&N/FL/SS/CSX.
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