Posted by D.E. Albertson on March 14, 2019 
...and a CR freight rumbling over the high line too!
Posted by Nate Murry on March 14, 2019 
This was back when railfanning Amtrak was fun. Thanks for sharing an excellent collection of gems. I note that most of the AEM7s here have both pans raised, (also in your more modern shot of the ACS64s). I have seen that many times in the Race motor pit, but I am not sure why they do that.
Posted by Tugboat on March 15, 2019 
What is that behind the engine/motor terminal? Is that a building lower than RR grade?
Posted by Robert Pisani on March 18, 2019 
Yes, Amtrak definitely had more variety back then. As to what is in the background, the grayish concrete-covered area below the Philadelphia Museum of Art is actually the various ramps of an interchange on I-76, the Schuylkill Expressway.
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