Posted by FSWood on March 27, 2019 
"It's dead, Jim."
Posted by Peter G. Chase on March 27, 2019 
Only mostly dead.
Posted by John Westfield on March 27, 2019 
"Whoa!", was the first thing I thought when I saw this. Will BCOL 4644 be repaired/rebuilt?
Posted by pitty on March 27, 2019 
If CN do repair it, it will probally emerge in CN colours not BCOL, then you would have a unique CN Loco with ditch lights as well as rock lights!
Posted by Jim Penn on March 28, 2019 
This will add to the homogenization of mainline locos. What a shame to see another BCOL painted loco disappear.
Posted by FSWood on April 29, 2019 
Wonder what kind of force these rollovers put on the bolts which secure the diesel motor block to the frame. Same for the traction current generator or alternator.
Posted by John Westfield on April 30, 2019 
Any update on this unit? Has it been lifted upright?
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