Posted by Tom on April 12, 2019 
Just a silly fantasy, but how about just bringing one to my backyard and I'll play with it to my heart's content (and no doubt others.)
Posted by Tom Starr on April 13, 2019 
Would like to model this scene in Either N-SCALE or ho-SCALE . Thank You M.J. Scanlon for sharing your photo with us it it greatly appreciated .
Posted by William on April 13, 2019 
Recycle - old junk making new junk
Posted by SES on April 13, 2019 
I can remember when those 6 axle GE dash 8's were the main power on the UP, back when SD40-2's were in plenty. In the early 1990's, seems like everyone had to have the Bachman Spectrum HO scale model of this. Doesn't seem that long ago.
Posted by David Deal on April 13, 2019 
I wonder how they do it without getting any fluids on the ground. This is what a EPA cop's dreams are made of.
Posted by Tom on April 13, 2019 
Referring to David's comment about the EPA, I have silently wondered how car salvage yards don't shut down due to EPA violations. Every fluid and gas known to man has to have been and is being released in these yards, BUT, in reality what other answer is there ???
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