Posted by D.E. Albertson on April 18, 2019 
Nice look at old time railroading! Thanks for sharing!!
Posted by MArailfan on April 18, 2019 
Ok, How did they get from Boston to Lowell, via Walpole and Framingham? This doesn,t make sense...
Posted by Tom Nelligan on April 19, 2019 
Yes. BL-1 and LB-2 were routed Boston-Readville-Walpole-Framingham-Lowell. Historically they provided a connection for interchange freight going to or from the NYC/PC at Framingham (not interchanged in Boston because the move would have had to go via South Station) and the B&M at Lowell. The ex-NH Boston-Lowell jobs were discontinued a year or two after PC took over the NH
Posted by MArailfan on April 22, 2019 
Thank you, sir. A round-about route, I wouldn't have guessed...
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