Posted by Tom Farence on May 8, 2019 
Always thought the 254 was ex-FEC....turns out it was ex-SP 6370.....I tried to catch these wagons that C&NW bought from other RR's back in the 70's while I was on my layovers at Lacrosse,WI.but was rarely lucky enough. I did catch the QNS&L GEEPS heading for Oelwein a few times during the same period as we'd pass them on Amtrak between Tunnel City and Lacrosse when they were on C&NW 495. I was always fascinated by the Nathan 5 chime whistles that a lot of these old units had.
Posted by SPBayAreaFan on May 8, 2019 
Thank you for sharing this picture, I own one of the builders plates off of the 254. I bought it because the Espee is my favorite road, but it's also great to see pictures of this locomotive in its CNW livery.
Posted by Jim Penn on May 8, 2019 
Great catch, and comments from today. Seems we must all pay attention to old locomotives and their fading runs/scenes now before they are gone. I took these scenes for granted as a teenager back then.
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