Posted by Chase Gunnoe on May 10, 2019 
Great photo, James! Love the composition and quality. Kelso is a cool place!
Posted by John Doughty on May 10, 2019 
That was such a fun day chasing the 6936 up Cima Hill with you. PCA vote.
Posted by CSSHEGEWISCH on May 11, 2019 
There is a series of photos in the July 1965 TRAINS that depicts an overtake at Elora by the City of Los Angeles
Posted by Curious142 on May 11, 2019 
Impressive shot, but it kind of looks like a work train to me.
Posted by James Burlington on May 16, 2019 
Nice photo. It was photographed when I was about a month old. I vividly remember of photo of the same locomotive in a book I liked to read during my childhood.
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