Posted by Kevin Madore on May 21, 2019 
Great capture, Steve! Yeah, there were a few people at this shindig. Those of us who got there early had no idea how many rows of people we had behind us....and we didn't dare move!
Posted by Jeff Sell on May 21, 2019 
Interesting photo. While the Big Boy is the subject of the photo, the sea of people certainly indicates the popularity of the huge locomotive. It's always neat to see the spectators doing the over-the-head cell phone photo pose at events like this!
Posted by Steve Larson on May 22, 2019 
My only wish, is that it stayed in Ogden a day or two longer. Glad to see that I belong to the proper kind of spectators. Rail Fans are the BEST. Wonderful photograph, Steve. PCA.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 22, 2019 
I'll second Jeff's observation. Great shot, Steve! This is one of those rare instances where arriving late (or perhaps early and hanging back) really paid off. The shot here was much more about the event than the locomotive alone against a stone wall. Superb! Love the perspective, too! Needed that elevation!
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