Posted by SES on July 12, 2019 
Either that 1st generation BN unit in the shop is a long way from home or it's a recent acquisition for MBTA.
Posted by Rich Brown on July 12, 2019 
IF I recall correctly, MBTA did purchase one or more geeps from BN primarily for MofW work train service. However, MBTA being the way they were, I would NOT be surprised if a commuter train did have green & white power on occasion.
Posted by Tom Nelligan on July 12, 2019 
In the mid-1980s the MBTA purchased six GP9s from the BN for use on trains made up of depowered RDCs that did not require locomotive HEP. While they were used on work trains they were primarily intended for passenger service. The two repainted Geeps visible in the background of this photo are also ex-BN. See this photo:
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