Posted by mmi16 on July 24, 2019 
Poling pockets on both engines in 1972 - where are the poles?
Posted by SES on July 28, 2019 
Seeing this makes me wish I had witnessed more covered wagons leading Milwaukee Road trains out west. It was a rare sight to see any of the Tacoma F-units running a train on the Chehalis sub in the 1970's. You could see plenty of covered wagons on BN, but we didn't meet up with a train very often on BN's Prairie Line at Roy or Yelm, even though traffic was pretty decent thru the 1970's as they ran some Tacoma - Portland trains thru to bypass the water level route. Traffic was later reduced to the occasional local to Yelm after 1980 as the main was clogged with storage cars south of Rainier, WA. Thanks for sharing these historic moments.
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