Posted by mmi16 on July 28, 2019 
Off the debris they are leaving around the outside of Horseshoe Curve - as a 50+ year railroader, I don't think much of NS's wreck clearance decisions.
Posted by xBNSFer on July 29, 2019 
Deadheading?! That train should have been required mileage for upper management types and those in charge of train makeup - "To your right, gentlemen, is a fine example of why running 140+ car trains isn't such a great idea, especially when you put empty cars up front."
Posted by Kevin Madore on July 29, 2019 
Hopefully, there are not any passenger operations passing through there....LOL! That would be like leaving an old airplane wreck next to the runway. Great confidence booster for passengers!
Posted by Sid Vaught on July 29, 2019 
Of course deadheading. Those guys are too important to ever get out and actually look at that dirty old railroad. Regression analysis and graphs can tell so much more. Let the “sweatiest” get dirty. Eeewww!
Posted by Dana M. on April 26, 2020 
In reply to Kevin Madore - the Amtrak Cardinal passes through Horseshoe Curve from Altoona to Huntington, West yes, passenger trains do run past this site. And since I am commenting on this photo as of April 26, 2020 - YES, the derailment remnants are STILL laying there yet to be removed or cut up for scrap on site. Go to the Virtual Railfan camera for Horseshoe Curve on YouTube and you can catch a glimpse of these wrecked cars on the LIVE feed camera when one of the moderators for the camera pans around the curve to this spot. Also, the one tree that was been standing off from the right corner of the short hood of the Pennsylvania Geep locomotive at the park has finally been cut down as well.
Posted by mmi16 on April 26, 2020 
Dana M - the Cardinal does not operate on Horseshoe Curve - it operates on the C&O + SOU alignment to get into Washington DC from Clifton Forge and Charlottesville. The Pennsylvanian passes Horseshoe Curve in each direction on its daily run to Pittsburgh.
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