Posted by lancasterguy on July 29, 2019 
And they kept it nice and dirty, carrying on the GM&O tradition.
Posted by David Deal on July 29, 2019 
I think this is the same loco that was in the movie " In the heat of the night".
Posted by MerrillWhitmore on July 30, 2019 
I checked it out and you are correct, David! Heck of a scheme... and still looking smart a year into Amtrak.
Posted by mmi16 on July 31, 2019 
It never looked 'smart' on the GM&O - the only thing Amtrak added was more dirt.
Posted by HighBallBill on August 2, 2019 
Up on the wrong side of the bed, were you? No doubt Webster's 6th definition of smart was being referenced... and indeed that scheme, originating from the 1800's, qualifies.
Posted by lancasterguy on August 3, 2019 
They washed it for the movie
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