Posted by Steve Larson on August 10, 2019 
Casey, I'm guessing this represents a lower than normal water year. This photo is most excellent in bridge construction demonstration. Not only is this edifice superlative to observe, but it has stood the test of time, so congrats on its centennial anniversary. PCA for the double tracks.
Posted by Marty Bernard on August 10, 2019 
Fantastic Photo!
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on August 13, 2019 
Beautiful! I did not know of this bridge so thank you for showcasing it so splendidly. I am a big fan of the Delaware, Lackawanna, & Western improvements that culminated in the magnificent Tunkhannock Viaduct in Nicholson, PA finished in 1915. You can certainly see the family resemblance. Well done Casey!
Posted by Carl Massart on August 15, 2019 
Super shot Casey! Speaking of carillons I wonder if the Netherland's Carillon in DC will ever be accessible again. Every time I'm in DC it is chained up.
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