Posted by Joshua Jankus on September 6, 2019 
The light in the water vapor pops incredibly well, and the foreground looks almost like oil on canvas. What did you do?!
Posted by beano on September 6, 2019 
Ten degrees to the port Capitan. Drop five tons of ballast on the stbd side and resume course of coarse. Maybe the crew should get a AB Seaman card or dual pay while traversing the waterways of the USA. HAHA,I wonder if they got a raft on the other side stbd of the lead engine.....,just in case. May be they arrrrrrrrrr wearing life preserver vest. Im curious if they use engines full of fuel or the reverse while they are operating in a dangerous water over the track situation where you really cant see the track ahead. That looks like quite a lake out there. No icebergs ahead Capitan. Thanks Raf. Great photo. Looks like a ship going down on the starboard side sir, and looks quite deep to. Another Fantastic Voyage yea . How hi can the waters get over the track before suspending operations for safety reasons ?
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