Posted by Will Ebbert on September 8, 2019 
Great photo! I like the modifications to the back of 1776 and 911, but would love to know why they ditched the military logos on the back of 1776. I really liked those.
Posted by Tom on September 8, 2019 
Great photo, Casey. In addition, this picture makes me want to ask this question: Will someone please tell me (and anyone else interested) what each hose and hookup across the engine front is used for ?? Being so new and clean would seem to make it easier to answer. Thanks in advance.
Posted by mmi16 on September 12, 2019 
The three hoses on each side of the coupler are hoses used for pneumatic functions common to all the locomotives when more than one are MU'd in a locomotive consist. Primary among these functions is the Independent air brake system that only functions on the engines - not the train. I don't know the specific function of each of the hoses. Notice they have been identified as 1 - 2 - 3 to make it easy for personnel to couple them together, the anglecocks to energized the hoses are under the steps on each side of the locomotives.
Posted by Erick Anderson on September 17, 2019 
The yellow cable above the coupler is an electrical connection between the locomotives to control things like the engine throttle. It's wired in such a way that even if not all the locomotives in the consist are pointing the same way, they'll still all move in the same direction as the lead unit.
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