Posted by Scott Markloff on September 9, 2019 
Perfect composure. Well done. I would nominate it for a PCA but there's a problem and it won't let me nominate anyone's pics. Oh well.
Posted by Bob Kise on September 9, 2019 
Nice shot, D.
Posted by Paul P on September 10, 2019 
Scott, I did it for you :)
Posted by Scott Markloff on September 10, 2019 
Hey Paul, got it figured out. Needed to log out and back in then it let me vote. So, it's gotten two votes at least :)
Posted by Troy Nolen on September 10, 2019 
Nice shot! PCA vote
Posted by getteriv on September 11, 2019 
Such a beautiful shot!
Posted by John West on September 11, 2019 
Creative composition well executed. But what really jumped out at me was all the wooden passenger cars that Strasburg has been able to acquire over the years. Looking at the roster, I guess the B&M was a treasure trove of old wooden cars. I started railroading in the 50's and never realized so many wooden cars were still around, even in MOW service And we are fortunate they are still with us and so well cared for.
Posted by dnsommer on September 13, 2019 
Great photo!
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