Posted by Walter C Betts on September 12, 2019 
Thank you for adding a piece of history along with your wonderful photo. I enjoyed your pic, but also your well written history of the area. Great work!!
Posted by Scott Lothes on September 12, 2019 
Excellent composition, and a wonderful new take on a familiar spot. Great context in the caption, too. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Nick McLean on September 12, 2019 
Another spectacular shot with an interesting perspective!
Posted by Mike Danneman on September 12, 2019 
Awesome shot, Jason!
Posted by John Barnard on September 12, 2019 
Great picture and a wonderful story. Thank you for this.
Posted by Scott Markloff on September 12, 2019 
Love this shot. As someone who deals with graphics everyday for a living, this is very well composed. It's not often that a photo has two strong visual lines to follow that both converge and diverge in the same pic. Well done. PCA from me.
Posted by Bruce Wilson on September 12, 2019 
Combining a special setting with an interesting history makes for a winning combination for the viewer.
Posted by dnsommer on September 13, 2019 
Fantastic shot! And quite a rare location, too!
Posted by Jason Cary on September 15, 2019 
Thanks Everyone!.. The ex. BC Rail is a spectacular Railroad.....
Posted by John Shine on September 17, 2019 
Posted by Ddrennenphoto on September 17, 2019 
Beautiful composition and EPIC scenery! I HAD to vote this for peoples choice as well as adding it to my personal favs! thanks for sharing!
Posted by Bhupendra Mistry on September 19, 2019 
Beautiful Photography, Jason. Appreciated your hard work for shot, Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Bill Edgar on September 20, 2019 
Jason, thanks for posting this great photo. Such a great location!
Posted by Dave Blaze... on February 24, 2020 
This is a remarkably well done image. Impressive on all counts.
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