Posted by Bob Kise on October 14, 2019 
Fantastic pan view, Dennis- a PC for me.
Posted by clinchfieldman on October 14, 2019 
Better to be pulling a train under steam at 20mph than sitting cold in the VMoT.
Posted by Ed Mullan on October 28, 2019 
just wonderful photoshop work, Dennis even to the slight blur of the drivers! And...rods down, of course!
Posted by Ddrennenphoto on October 28, 2019 
oh WOW... my eye IMMEDIATELY went to this as soon as I opened the Page! Love love love it Dennis!
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on October 28, 2019 
This is an in-camera pan shot. Outside of exposure, contrast, and color, no additional processing, I. E., blurring in Photoshop or any other photo processing program, was done.
Posted by Ben Sutton on October 28, 2019 
Good stuff as always sir.
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