Posted by James R Doughty on October 29, 2019 
Wow! Incredible colors all around. Nice photo Ben!
Posted by Chris Kilroy on October 30, 2019 
Very nice!
Posted by Grew up on the CW on October 30, 2019 
Now that is a Fall shot! Love it. PCA for me.
Posted by Claudio Zampetti on October 30, 2019 
wow, an explosion of colours !! very nice shot !
Posted by Avigdor on October 31, 2019 
Thank's - Amazing picture.
Posted by pjflstc on November 1, 2019 
The (2) freshly painted light blue connectors and unusual shaped upright in-between the rails has also caught my attention. I've never seen anything like that before. Can someone tell me what that device is, how it works & what is does.
Posted by Ddrennenphoto on November 5, 2019 
cant get enough of these fantastic colors! excellent!
Posted by John M Breitigan on November 5, 2019 
pjflstc, the upright item between the rails is a defect detector at MP 74
Posted by Ry Alford on November 6, 2019 
Thanks for identifying the defect detector. Can anyone explain how it works?
Posted by Brian Brant on November 6, 2019 
Absolutely gorgeous, Ben!!
Posted by OBrian Harmon on November 6, 2019 
Posted by Dale Roth on November 10, 2019 
anything dragging on the train will trip the upright paddles and alert someone to check the train. Because it could be dangerous catching on crossings or injuring someone.
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