Posted by Dan I. on November 7, 2019 
As a retired truck driver, I hauled 100's of loads of steel pipe of every size you can think of over the years. This plant is just off Interstate 59 in Bessemer, Alabama. There is a small rail yard which usually has quite a bit of open and covered hopper cars in it. Sometimes, you will see the switcher engine in the small yard shuffling cars around. The yard is just to the left of the blue colored building in the center section of the photograph.
Posted by JT Photography on November 7, 2019 
Dan, I know there used to be an Also S-3 on display somewhere around this facility (there is a shot of it on here if you click the US Pipe Railway link). I wasn't able to find it; as someone who has been there throughout the years, do you know when (or if) it was moved?
Posted by Dan I. on November 8, 2019 
I never did see the switcher. I always had to take the first road to the right off 19th Street from Interstate 59 to either hook-up or drop off a trailer. There were two places to do that at the facility. One of those was behind and north of the small rail yard. I never did see it ever at this entrance as it was mostly for pickups and deliveries. To my knowledge, trucks never went through the main entrance located a couple of hundred yards up 19th Street from the entrance that I used. The switcher could have been near the main entrance. I do remember seeing a large pipe on display where there is a ground sign reading US Pipe & Foundry so the engine could have been on display there.
Posted by JT Photography on November 8, 2019 
Thanks Dan. I looked at satellite imagery and it was right there by the pipe and ground sign at the main entrance. Looks like it was moved sometime after 2006.
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