Posted by Triplex on November 25, 2019 
This picture gives me weird mixed feelings. It's one of those color mixes that should nominally be interesting but doesn't nearly as much so as most others -- and it's not just because it's a 'less colorful" one, because I find the often-dull mixes of early Conrail, early CSX and early Guilford fascinating. And it's an "ordinary" consist because GP40s and B23-7s were common locomotives, nothing I'll ever be able to consider special. I was thinking recently about how weird modern railroading seems, and one of the reasons is 4-axle power not being common on fast and/or long-distance trains.
Posted by David Harris on December 3, 2019 
Sometimes difficult to figure out why we like/don't like something. For me, KCS gray was kind of blah, and seemed like a 'how do save dough on painting' move. Same with NS, one of my least favorite schemes ever. Side note - lots of friends like the horsey logo, but I never have. Always thought it was weak graphically. BN green was just so 'everywhere' for so long, and GP40s look a lot like their giant fleet of SD40s, so not a favorite. though the green is growing on me now that it is just about gone. None of these schemes has much tie to history/previous schemes - just seem sort of made-up by current decision-makers with no nod to the past.
Posted by Triplex on December 3, 2019 
Clarification: I never minded NS black or BN green on their own. It's that *combinations* like this never looked right, compared to either colorful mixes like early BN or duller ones like early CSX. And that's what I don't understand about myself.
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