Posted by Dana M. on January 5, 2020 
Interesting photo David! I like the string of New York Central "Century Green" Maintenance of Way equipment of the Union Pacific - wait, aren't they supposed to be in UP "Harbour Mist Grey" or "Armour Yellow"? Why would they paint them in "Century Green"? Just Kidding - I really like this photo.
Posted by David Harris on January 5, 2020 
Thanks, Dana. Glad you like it. Do not know if UP operates this way any more. Lived by the Van Buren Sub 2002-2019 and do not remember ever seeing M of W forces deployed this way.
Posted by SES on January 6, 2020 
I think all the railroads got rid of their bunk cars and such in the mid 1990's in favor of having the crew travel by vehicle to the work area and stay in motels. Now they only have cranes, flatcars and hoppers. I always thought work crew trains with bunk and kitchen cars were so neat. It was a chance to see old revenue equipment you normally didn't see anymore with unique modifications to suit their purpose. I think all those MP GE's were turned into unpowered remote control units and painted grey by UP some time around 2002.
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