Posted by FSWood on February 12, 2020 
Lots of interesting details in this photo when looking at it from a model railroader's point of view. Particular points of interest are that yellow framework for the spout adjusting tackle and the bracing on what I'm going to guess is an old telegraph and signal wire pole. Hmm, looks like spouts are red on the rail side and green on the truck side? Well, no ... as it happens, Google street view went right along the truck side, and the truck side spouts appear to be painted with whatever they had handy at the time they painted, or touched up, that particular spout! Which is another detail to note for modeling.
Posted by Billchor on February 12, 2020 
Nice catch, reminds me similar views in northern Greece
Posted by agedrooster24 on February 12, 2020 
This photo and the tractor reminds me that of my step-dad who ran a tractor around the Pacific Fruit Express rebuild yard along San Fernando Road in Los Angeles from about 1933 until some time in the early 1950’s when he moved to the outside driver position. I think he pushed the cars through the rebuilding shed rather than towing them with a leash however.
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