Posted by Sid Vaught on March 27, 2020 
They need glass belly buttons out there, so the can see out.
Posted by FSWood on March 27, 2020 
And we now present today’s episode of “PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS”.
Posted by FSWood on March 27, 2020 
I don't know if there were tanks on the train but the 2 vehicles in the image do bring to mind the media's incompetence and the public's near-total ignorance and inability to discern the difference between tanks and self-propelled artillery vehicles such as the what I'm pretty sure is an M109 Paladin with M992 artillery transport.
Posted by Nigel Curtis on March 27, 2020 
There are two pandemics out there - COVID-19 and stupidity
Posted by Andrew on March 28, 2020 
Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. Albert Einstein I made hoses for the British MoD flat cars, still have some spare hoses in my garage. Never thought to take photos, silly me, of the finished wagons.
Posted by Alex Gillman on March 28, 2020 
There were over 50 M1 Abrams tanks (maybe more) on this train near the front, so the media hyping up that this was a 'tank train' did have some faith to it. Was it an entire train of tanks? No. For those of you who appreciate the more finite details of military equipment, in particular equipment models, this is indeed a M109 Paladin - a 155 mm, turreted self-propelled howitzer. Last July this equipment, part of Company B 1st battalion 12th Cavalry Regiment 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team 1st Cavalry Division, headed for Korea. It is now as its way home after returning to the states.
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