Posted by Timothy E. Pavlic II on April 2, 2020 
The story is he was (apparently) trying to ram the USNS Mercy. But came to a stop 250 yards away from the ship and not even pointing in the right direction. It's a sad case of people buying into too many conspiracy theories about this pandemic...
Posted by Alex Gillman on April 2, 2020 
Nice capture of what will likely be one of the oddest derailments of the year, Mark!
Posted by Shinto Railfan on April 2, 2020 
I think this is one of the only times that a derailment has occurred because of a terrorist attack. The only other wreck caused by terrorism was the 1995 Palo Verde wreck.
Posted by Shinto Railfan on April 2, 2020 
Apparently, he thought the boat was being used by the government to control us.
Posted by FSWood on April 2, 2020 
Locomotive comes to rest something like two and a quarter NFL football fields away from the ship and KCAL 9 reporter Stu Mundel says after the 24 second point in video CBS Los Angeles posted to their YouTube, "... almost making it over towards the Mercy. Very very close indeed" Seriously? You are telling us it is "very very" at the same time you are showing us it is not at all "very very" close? Google Street View of Regan St. grade crossing in front of derailed loco shows rails still in place but flangeways filled with asphalt . And from that point the old rails can be followed via Satellite View to the pier but are filled in with asphalt and at one point are covered by a street curb and concrete sidewalk. Was from the start physically impossible for a train to reach the ship. But the thing which strikes me the most is the reporter's obviously absurd hyperbole, "Almost making it over towards the Mercy. Very very close indeed." Umm, no; it didn't and it wasn't.
Posted by Jeff Swanson on April 2, 2020 
@ FSWood: you mean the media "exaggerated" their "journalism"? Come now. (I only hope it was moved before it could be tagged by a low-life tagger... get the railfans/photographers out of there)
Posted by D.Carleton on April 5, 2020 
Well it was a good thing Hancock was there to stop it.
Posted by Carl on January 8, 2021 
Maybe he was trying a new way of street running.
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