Posted by J. Randall Banks on April 7, 2020 
A bit of an explanation about the name. There are two distinct pronunciations of the name Presque Isle in Michigan. The community/township of Presque Isle rhymes with Aisle, like in a theater. The county is pronounced like Eel. Is so people know what part you're from.
Posted by on April 8, 2020 
Presque Isle comes from the French word "Presqu'Óle" which means peninsula. Ile is pronounced like Eel.
Posted by Bill Edgar on April 8, 2020 
Dave, quite a nice view, I think it's time to invest in drone photography. You have done a superb job of capturing railroading is this medium without getting bazaar with it. Keep up the great work, and thanks for the clarification on Presque Isle!
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