Posted by D.Carleton on April 19, 2020 
Intriguing in concept, not so much in operation.
Posted by Joe on April 19, 2020 
What is the purpose for the "tube" and fittings on the top of 4001?
Posted by Erick Anderson on April 20, 2020 
I find something oddly appealing about the combination of an old-style cab and modern flared radiators. Too bad these units didn't work so well in practice.
Posted by FSWood on April 20, 2020 
Good question, what does that plumbing do? Initial guesses/speculations is that it either moves radiator water to cool the turbo or uses the hot exhaust turbo to heat water to prevent radiator water freezing. Might even do both, or something else entirely, I am not the person who knows.
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