Posted by Tugboat on May 13, 2020 
Rather tone deaf of them to paint this unit.
Posted by Jeff Swanson on May 13, 2020 
Not sure what the above comment is referenced to, but I applaud UP for showing its' people that they are ALL important - that's the message I get - and that works for me! Kudos for UP.
Posted by Nuc on May 13, 2020 
It looks like an updated version the murals that were painted in post offices during the WPA era. Nicely done.
Posted by catfish63755 on May 13, 2020 
It could be perceived as "tone deaf" due to layoffs and facility closures that has resulted in the loss of many Union Pacific jobs. It's a good concept, but rather poor timing.
Posted by Jeff Swanson on May 14, 2020 
thank you Mr. Catfish - term was new to me. Now I agree somewhat with both comments - but still feel that UP is not to blame for their (economy situation) and it's still a good effort to boost moral... my opinion. (And nice shot David)
Posted by Northern Snowman on May 14, 2020 
The UP layoffs started well before any downturn in the economy. This unit was unveiled in 2019 shortly after they shutdown several humpyards and let hundreds of employees go. To add insult to the crews that actually work on the unit, it is an older locomotive that was just repainted. The parts the crews see and use are warn out and dirty.
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