Posted by Russell Sekeet on June 8, 2020 
Anyone else think those humps on the back make them look weird?
Posted by CraigMWiester on June 8, 2020 
it ain't weird if it streamlines the train behind. :)
Posted by Jeff Swanson on June 8, 2020 
Yes Mr. Skeet, I do.
Posted by D.Carleton on June 8, 2020 
Just look at those beautiful Chargers.
Posted by Andrew on June 9, 2020 
The Ford Escort had a small bump like that on the rear of the roof and it was done to lower the fuel consumption. As it was done after a lot of wind tunnel testing, I assume it worked.
Posted by M.C. Mann on June 9, 2020 
We are living in an era, where Freight Locomotives ES44AC's or SD70Mac's, are much better looking than Passenger Locomotives. Looks like an European invasion. For looks, these can't be compared to PA's, E Units or F Units. It's truly sad. Like comparing a Two Or Three to a Nine or Ten.
Posted by Russell Sekeet on June 14, 2020 
While it may streamline the train, they didn't do it on the Midwest chargers. The Pere Marquette always has supers now and chargers. Can't streamline that much.
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