Posted by Steve Larson on July 4, 2020 
Absolutely PHENOMENAL photo. These weather challenged photos certainly add a dramatic flair to the end result. It would be great to push a button on the camera to add any type weather desired by the photographer. My PCA nod for this astonishing pic.
Posted by John West on July 4, 2020 
Now THAT is dramatic art!
Posted by Jeff Sell on July 4, 2020 
Interesting....While most railroads with restored steam locomotives choose to only operate their steam in warm weather, the UP doesn't mind 'a little snow' to stop the excursion of the Big Boy. Nicely captured and thanks for sharing this Winter gem!
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on July 4, 2020 
Posted by Carl Kulzer on July 4, 2020 
Fantastic photo. PCA from me, and thanks for posting and going out in terrible weather.
Posted by chris davis on July 5, 2020 
Wow indeed!! Must be the best shot ever of this beast.
Posted by Coloradorailphotographer on July 5, 2020 
Thank you gentlemen.
Posted by Matthew on July 8, 2020 
Awesome shot of one of my favorite engines. Thanks for braving such harsh conditions. Dare I inquire about the temperature or wind chill factor?
Posted by huebi on July 8, 2020 
Union Pacific is a large and important company. And I think they have enough money. But to celebrate railway history and museum operations so perfectly and as a great experience for everyone, you need more: A great heart for the railroad and its friends! A big thank you to Ed Dickens and your team!
Posted by Apostolos Anastasiadis on July 8, 2020 
PCA from me too!!Fantastic shot!!!
Posted by JCFernandez on July 8, 2020 
Magnificent picture. Well done!
Posted by Troy Staten on July 13, 2020 
What a great photo, one of the best winter time train shots ever. Thanks for showing us.
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on July 14, 2020 
Posted by Peter Bell on July 14, 2020 
Cool to see a modern photo of this monster. In the snow too.
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