Posted by Troy Staten on July 8, 2020 
Wonderful photo, boy this area has changed. Thanks for showing us this old photo.
Posted by James Burlington on July 8, 2020 
Funny that electric locomotives like these are as antiquated as steam engines.
Posted by Jeff Sell on July 9, 2020 
Interesting....This is the first time I've seen an electric locomotive with two different types of pantographs. One pantograph is scissor type and the other one looks like it belongs on a streetcar.
Posted by Rob Campbell on July 15, 2020 
Thank you for your comments. I’ve done a little research into the pantograph/trolley pole question. Apparently not all overhead electrical lines were designed to be used by a pantograph. For example trolley pole lines use a “frog” to help divert the trolley pole at a switch point. The frog would extend below the overhead line making it incompatible with the pantograph. Close inspection of the photo also reveals that the trucks are equipped with shoes for operating on third rail segments of the SN.
Posted by Stefan A. Müller on October 18, 2020 
Great picture. Definitely not much has changed. Google street view shows us the same buildings as seen in the picture. Even the roof construction visible between the locomotive and the first wagon is still existing.
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